…and how you can execute them immediately.

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Making sales for a brand new product can be challenging. You probably don’t have established processes or even a standard for what counts as “good” sales numbers. Despite that, you might be trying to hire salespeople, scale the entire business, or just win more of your deals.

Throughout years of…

There’s a new alternative that’s much more accurate

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I love random forest models. They’re easy to set up, don’t require much power to train, and are easy to understand. It’s also one of the first models I used in production.

Random forest is an Interpretable Model, meaning you can see what it’s doing behind-the-scenes. Being interpretable is incredibly…

I don’t know how I lived without them

I’ve been writing Python for over 5 years and my toolset generally has been getting smaller, not bigger. A lot of tools just aren’t necessary or useful, and some of them you’ll simply outgrow.

These are three I’ve been stuck on for a long time, and unlike the rest, I…

Videogames use way more bandwidth than you think

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This came across my feed today:

…and many gamers were outraged about it. I agree with most of them. The problem with this statement is the suggestion to “play at reasonable times”.

Playing at different times won’t help, to prove it we’re going to look at why playing online…

These hidden gems are affordable and underrated

These are games that support playing casually in a sandbox, where you don’t have to survive or win.

The great thing about games with a creative mode is the ability to get unlimited resources for building, without having to mine or gather.

Screenshot of Satisfactory, a game listed below

Boundless — Top Recommendation

Shop: Windows, Mac OS X

As block-based…

This simple method covers most use cases

A great rule of thumb for writing code, especially in Python, is to look for a module on PyPi or just using Google, before you start writing code yourself.

If nobody else has done what you’re trying to do then you still might find articles, partial code, or general guidance.

These mistakes are super common and super easy to fix.

As someone who did over a decade of development before moving into Data Science, there’s a lot of mistakes I see data scientists make while using Pandas. The good news is these are really easy to avoid, and fixing them can also make your code more readable.

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Mistake 1: Getting or Setting Values Slowly

It’s nobody’s fault…

An early-stage startup only needs two things: sales and development

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Few things are certain when launching a business, but there is a consistent strategy that I’ve seen used in highly successful startups.

It took me a while to understand the nuances of this strategy, when it works and doesn’t work, and its many different forms. But over the years of…

Actually, it’s not a great idea to quit your day job

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It’s been almost two years now since my full-time job was at a company I founded. Since then I’ve gotten to work with some fantastic individuals that have changed some of my core beliefs about startups. …

You already have the hardware, why not use it all?

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Unlike Neural Networks that use video card power (GPU), machine learning tasks with scikit-learn (sklearn) use processor power (CPU). Unfortunately, by default sklearn only uses one processor core, which means you’re probably only using a quarter of your CPU power!

Joblib is a Python module capable of many things, one…

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