Thanks for your questions!
Maciek Kozal

Apologies for an epic delay in responding to you Maciek.

Here’s a list of something I would like to have:

  1. I was looking to customize the week starting. Currently it has ‘Sunday’ as week beginning. But can I change that to ‘Monday’ and have weekends as Saturday and Sunday? I understand this works with ‘locales’ but if there is a way to customize this as it is, it would be nice.
  2. I have two laptops — can my coypu items sync between devices? How about a web version?
  3. Not sure if this is a bug but after I change default language to another language (e.g. Tamil) the close icon or the ‘settings’ icon freezes. I have to View > Reload to bring it back.
  4. Keyboard shortcuts for the alt key should make me select the menu bar — Edit, View and Window.
  5. A place within Coypu to report bugs/send feedback/visit your blog/About screen to see the stack, etc.
  6. Option to export my todos/notes or save the window as a screenshot. Especially, the previous week’s tasks to keep as a backup.

Thank you!

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