Day 3 Andela SLC

I am at day 3 and my app is beginning to take shape. Tests implemented, models defined, forms developed, implemented the views and added the programming logic also. 
Now for the styling something I have been putting off since yesterday. Writing the code is supposed to be the hardest part so I thought. Ok as a developer google is your best, I remember one Andela LFA said. So I fire up my browser and google anything I can find on CSS and js. I know what I want my interface to look like so now I need to get the CSS to do it. It’s my first time implementing CSS so am a bit jittery but I believe I will get through it.
Three long sleepless nights and I can finally see a dim light at the end of the tunnel. I learn new things each day, yesterday it was Unit testing, today CSS. I wonder what it will be tomorrow

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