Day two of the SLC at Andella

Ok here I am again at day 2 of SLC. Today has been particularly hard, I actually felt the urge to walk away from it all. I have so much to learn in so little time. Can I do it is the question am asking myself over and over again.

And then I keeping tell myself, I won’t know how far I can go unless I keep pushing myself. I see what I have to know, I see what I have to do but can I do it again I ask.

Yes Phiona you can and with my awesome teammates am sure I will keep moving forward. And with the knowledge that all this will leave better than I was I will keep going.

So bring it on articles, blogs, Google, all the documentation am ready. But if only I was a sponge am thining I could soak all this up. But alas am me Phiona determined as ever soldiering on.

Tomorrow is a better day surely


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