Rate My Tongue Twister

Just yesterday I found an app called “Sprekend Nederland” which is gathering information and mapping Dutch accents. How do people perceive your accent? In itself a very interesting project. If you master the Dutch language I highly recommend it.

A nice feature I found in the app is built around tongue-twisters. The app show you a tongue twister, and allows you to record your ‘attempt’. After finishing your recording the app asks you to vote for three recordings. Recordings of random other people trying (or failing) the same tongue twister. I loved listening to other people. It felt somehow intimate, and at times it was just hilarious.

Recording starts when the tongue twister is revealed (left). After each recording you are asked to judge other people’s attempts (right).

I haven’t quite figured out how the feedback exactly loop works (How good were my tongue twister attempts? Do it get points?). But definitely allowing users evaluate other user’s content has a lot of potential for other language learning apps out there.