A Little Late to an Early Party

Sometimes I get a little unsure of myself about particular life events. I’m sure I’m not the only one to question myself when new challenges arise. An example of this is my journey to change careers.

I’ll read articles, books, and blogs about people starting their software career in their early teens and twenties. Me? Not this guy! I want to start my new software career at 37(38 in a few days). The challenge of starting so late and trying my hand at something new can make anyone unsure.

However, I believe firmly that if you can make the first steps toward a new career, at any age, you can definitely do it. Hard work, persistence, being open to learning, and a determination to become the best in that career field are the best ingredients for a career gumbo. Mmmmmmm, Gumbo! *NOTE: There is no easy way or shortcut. You must do the work and go through the process.

Technology is great! It’s ever changing. As hardware gets faster, there must be an adaptation to that new technology. As the lazy guy discovers the path of less resistance, there must be an adaptation to the new approach. (Yeah for that ‘lazy guy’, this Bud’s for you) The landscape is always changing. My point, technology is in constant change and anyone at any age, with a little effort, can learn that new technology and leverage the hell out of it!

This kind of change happened recently to me. Since 2014, I’ve been learning how to develop iOS apps in Swift. A beautiful language for Apple but still too new and unproven. I decided to learn this technology because I saw the enormous potential. Fast forward to today, and Swift is now open source as of December 3. What does that mean? It means that the new technology that I’ve been studying and working with since 2014, has just broadened it’s uses.

Now, Swift isn’t limited to just iOS and Mac OS. It can be used in servers, like Perfect, or cross platform development in Linux or maybe that ‘other’ operating system with the funny candy names. The point is, that even at 37, I’m putting in the effort to learn this ever growing technology. If I can do it, anyone can. I foresee an unlimited sea of opportunity that I plan on sailing! Personally, I don’t want to be alone. Will you join me?

Bottomline, AGE DOSEN’T MATTER and IT’S NEVER TOO LATE! If you want to start a new career venture, all you need is hard work, persistence, and an open mind to new possibilities. Become the best in the career field of your choice! Don’t Wait! There will never be a better time than right now! My bias suggestion, learn Swift and iOS/OS X development. There is going to be a butt load of high paying opportunities for Swift developers. *I said butt* Do it!

Remember kids, Keep Coding!

Originally published at swift-file.com.