NO-BS TECH SALES (Paris/San Francisco)

Software is eating the world. But the bad guys are hacking software products every day and we are on a mission to make application security simple for all developers.

We have a tremendous product at Sqreen, we grew organically, and now is time to accelerate! 🚀

We’re looking for passionate candidates to join our sales team, experiment, learn, and scale:

  • You are bold
  • You are foolish
  • You’re not afraid to fail
  • You know when you’re doing it right (and you measure it!)
  • You love technology
  • You turn complex things into crazy simple details
  • You are loyal, fair, and humble
  • And you want to spend 3 months with us in San Francisco!

We’re hiring now. We have a lot on our plate, and many things to discover!

You’ll be part of something incredibly challenging, rewarding and you’ll learn more than ever. You’ll value your customers. Serving them the right way will be an obsession. You’ll meet the greatest tech companies, talk to hundreds of developers, CTO, Devops, and you’ll be surrounded by the best in the fields.

You’ll have the opportunity to work in Paris and/or in San Francisco and you’ll be part of an amazing team (Did you already check Don’s article?)

Check out the job desc here. I’ll contact all the candidates on next week! Ping me for more details, and please share with your friends if you love them ;-)

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