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So apparently the University of Melbourne Vice Chancellor believes that Australia’s so-called “lockdown mindset” could be doing more harm than good, especially to young people. As extensively quoted in The Age on the 20th of August, Prof Maskell apparently expressed the views that the risk of poverty and suicide resulting from COVID related lockdowns may outweigh the harm is done by viral infection itself.

He was quoted as saying: “I’m very concerned actually that if we carry on in this kind of lockdown mindset for too long, we will seriously damage young people’s lives.”

He described concerns that an economy that is not functioning will lead to problems with poverty and subsequent significant morbidity and mortality. He then apparently went on to criticise those with social media accounts commenting on things with so-called “simplistic sound bites”. …

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The Prime Minister gathered all his expert advisors around him. He had just been told that finally a vaccine was available for the terrible disease that afflicted the country. But there were not enough doses for everyone: what was he to do?

“Vaccinate the doctors first, we have to treat all the patients” said his chief medical officer.

“Vaccinate all the epidemiologists first, you need us to understand the disease” said his top public health officer.

“Vaccinate all the economists first, without us you won’t be able to understand the financial problems this disease is causing” said the head of the Treasury.

Mental Health consequences of lockdown are absolutely no reason to limit COVID related restrictions.

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I have been wanting to write something for a few weeks in response to what I keep seeing as spurious arguments against the escalation of COVID restrictions in Victoria, and around the world, which use “mental health” as a reason to suggest we should not be increasing social restrictions.

As I understand it, the argument goes that the mental health consequences of the damage to the economy, job losses, unemployment and social dislocation resulting from enforced economic and social lockdown will exceed the impact of COVID infections themselves. …


Paul Fitzgerald

Paul Fitzgerald is a Professor of Psychiatry specializing in brain stimulation and neuroscience applications to depression, schizophrenia @ other disorders

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