How I Wrote 200 Unique Blog Posts In 200 Days — A Formula For Infinite Creativity
Barry Davret

Excellent piece Barry, thank you. I think another important aspect you uncover is one of consciously thinking about and noting experiences and learning. Let me explain: if you take the 4 quandrants of “Know what I know/ Know what I don’t know/ Don’t know what I know/ Don’t know what I don’t know, by doing this exercise you probably increase the 1st one significantly. By “forcing” the realization of what you learned and how you connected that learning with concepts, your “knowing” expands and you have better/ quicker access to that knowledge. Throughout the day we learn and add experiences, but by not noticing them do we actually aggregate them to our learning and knowledge? Probably not. Thinking more about thinking and learning how to better learn make us better humans. Bravo!

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