Plastic Water Bottle Facts

Plastic Water Bottle Facts

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In this case, Through consultation we learned that food packaging is most likely to have an impact on human health is a plastic bag for full cooked food, especially when high-temperature food. Therefore, in life, we should avoid the wrong practice, buy obvious marked “food” marked plastic bags. 3.4 Foreign “plastic limit” of the effective measures.
Korea: No matter how expensive you buy in Korean malls, shopping malls will not give away shopping bags. If you do not have your own bag, you will need to spend 100 won to buy a paper bag or plastic bag. Of course, the store will take back the original price of these bags, customers can also take the old bags to the store or supermarket for new bags. Since the implementation of the shopping bag charging system in 1999, the use of plastic bags in Korea has decreased by 60%.

In this case, Singapore: From April 2007, Singapore launched the “Shopping Bag Day” event. Every Wednesday, 206 supermarkets in Singapore are encouraging consumers to use less plastic bags. In this case, Ireland: From March 4, 2005 began to take environmental protection measures, for each plastic shopping bags impose a tax equivalent to 13 cents, all funds received into the environmental protection fund for environmental protection projects. Practice shows that this approach is very effective to curb white pollution, plastic bag usage dropped by 90%. At the same time, the tax has raised a considerable amount of money for Irish environmental projects. In this case,
United States: It is understood that some cities in the United States has introduced a decree, a comprehensive ban on the use of plastic bags. According to local media reports, the San Francisco City Council on March 27, 2007 by 10 votes in favor, one vote against the result of the ban on supermarkets, pharmacies and other retailers use of chemical plastic bags bill, which became the adoption of such environmental bills An American city. San Francisco supermarkets and pharmacies and other retailers are only allowed to provide customers with paper bags, bags or corn by-products for the production of biodegradable plastic bags, chemical plastic bags are strictly prohibited. Since the date of passage of the Act, all supermarkets in San Francisco must be implemented within 6 months, pharmacies in 1 year to start [7].

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