When you’re looking at the markets all day when you’re looking at market data, charts looking for patterns within a maze of numbers.

Sometimes you need a rest.

The weekend isn’t always enough either

Sometimes you need some downtime

Time to switch from all that noise.

Without doing this from time to time. I found my mind gets frazzled from time to time.

Numbers don’t make sense.

I can no longer recognise the patterns or worse see patterns when there are none.

And what this leads to is losing trades.

Losing money!

I hate losing money!

Now we are all different so here are a few of my ideas on downtime.

Feel free to pick some or ignore mine.

· Join a book club

· Go on holiday (somewhere hot)

· Switch of all computers and phones (Harder than you think)

· Spend time learning a new skill (mine was baking)

· Go to a Jazz club

· Go to the theatre/cinema

Like I said before you don’t have to do anything from the above, but believe me you will be a better trader and make more money.

Switch off

Enjoy the Downtime!!