The future of UX design
Nikkel Blaase

Nikkel, I agree with a lot you wrote, but not the suggested division of roles since I feel it is much more complex than that for two good reasons: (1) the business context is different everywhere and (2) designers are different from each other.
Where you put Information Architecture in the “interface design” camp and content strategy on the “product design” side, it may be mostly true for XING and the group of designers there (hi Arne!), but other business contexts may have more holistic Information Architecture issues that require a senior person, and can delegate content strategy to an outside agence based on known requirements. This is one of those areas where we can rightly say “it depends”.
Oh, and one more thing: UX design has always been an interdisciplinary field, and “UX” an umbrella term for many shapes and sizes of design contributions to the bottom line, so I am not sure how much “evolving” or “refinement” is necessary for the practice as a whole.