Jeff Bezos: How to Make Smart Decisions
Zat Rana

Really nice written article, thank you.

Let me think about something I learnt those last 2 years which is important to me as well: Subsidiarity. Type 1 / type 2 decisions can also be seen through this perspective specially as a leader.

Do I need to take this decision or should I instead let my team take it ?

This subsidiarity has also another resonance in my agile journey as the higher authority is “performing only those tasks which cannot be performed at a more local level”.

[ I know that this concept comes from Roman catholic and their organisation is far from reaching Teal level (Laloux). ]

It is bringing something different than simple empowerment or delegation: the higher authority is there to support decisions that cannot be made by the most immediate (or local) level. We have an idea of reverse hierarchy (like a servant leadership) to foster safety and autonomy of lower level to enable growth.

On the opposite direction, the most immediate (or local) level has a better knowledge how to make the right decision.

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