Purchases made personal for Mariana Tek — Case study

Patrick Branigan
Sep 2, 2019 · Unlisted

Mariana Tek provides business management software to the boutique fitness industry. Their technology — perhaps best known for its part in scaling Flywheel Sports — makes for a keen ability to target and tailor customizable and scalable features that best suit a studio’s needs.


As MT’s user base evolved, its software was being called on to deliver not just business insights but also serve up better customer experiences. We worked together to identify and prioritize pain points in their point of sale (POS) system, mobile experience, and administrative reporting capabilities — three thematic areas surfaced in customer feedback.


The primary points of friction were found to exist primarily at two customer-centric experiences: the in-house POS and customer mobile experiences. It was our job to explore ways in which these touchpoints could evolve to be more personal and engaging while still supplementing sales business models.


I was one of a few designers on the team that worked with stakeholders to research, ideate, and prototype a solution based on users’ feedback.


We started by participating in user interviews where we gathered a bunch of qualitative findings. Then, we conducted a lightweight UX audit to uncover what could be enhanced regarding the POS experience and mobile CX as they existed at that time.

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Developing customer user flows
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Developing administrator user flows


From our research, we derived prospective red routes from existing examples of user flows and began to eliminate unnecessary steps (or those that showed no proven value). We took inventory of key actions and user expectations and focused those into key screens. We hypothesized these would result in more immediate user reward or response. Some areas of exploration included:

  • A more efficient login flow.
  • Quicker access to available, location-based classes.
  • Easier check-in processes.
  • Suggested classes and products.
  • Smarter customer profiles.
  • Quicker check-out processing.


We built two primitive prototypes using higher fidelity composites. One focused on mobile interactions while the other focused on a checkout experience for the POS system(s).

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Screens from a login prototype
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Screens from a CX prototype

Our approach effectively cuts down the amount of time and steps taken by users to often get what they want. Checking into a class became the touch of a button. Reservations became tailored to previous engagements. Finding dates became easier with the incorporation of calendaring UX considerations. Recommended products became easily accessible and upsold through user profiles. Searching for users was no longer a process of searching but a method of recognition.

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Screens from a POS prototype

We validated many revisions to the customer experience, making it quicker and easier than ever to engage in a service that shouldn’t get in the way of any user’s workout. This project left Mariana Tek with a plethora of backlog items to begin pointing and developing for production.


Mariana Tek is already providing boutique fitness studios with the power they need to compete and excel. Its challenges aren’t in its data or features, but rather in using said data and features in ways that satisfy their users, at times that are most appropriate. Exercises like UX audits allow for a wide-eyed perspective. It’s not always about reimagining a product but instead is often about breathing life into how it interacts with its target audience.

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