300 And More Adoptees Surveyed : A Historic Moment.

By Paul Brian Tovey: Adoptee

[Later editorial note Feb 2023. The survey closed and results were taken from 304 respondents and a 1st Report-back was made available on Dropbox for free download . HERE IT IS ]

(Earlier Sept 19th 2022 report below)

The Global Anon Adoptee 2022 Survey is currently at 310 (27 days) and has been a “bottom-up” , “Citizen-Survey”, done by adult Adoptees for adult Adoptees. It’s been aided across internet groups. It seems a larger : “We the adoptee people” theme is speaking…

Democracy sometimes trumps habits of social repression. There’s plenty of versions of social repression of Adoptees voices of pain from what many have said on many groups.

The groups that have aided the survey include Facebook, Twitter, Tik Tok, and assorted others like Blogger and Medium.com. The survey work is now entering a longer concentrated report-back stage. That is complicated by the sheer volume of comments made which are filled in after the bar chart quantifiers in the survey and those need to be checked for containing any accidental identifiers. Any made by accident will be filtered out.

The survey pressed everyone explicitly on many comment box questions not to put any identifiers. The survey is anonymous and people were promised report-backs by PDF design for ease of “snapshot functions” to use later as they wish and for their voices to be seen and heard. To encourage a greater pressuring voice back onto unseeing cultures, with some figures, they helped into existence.

The Survey will be closing soon. It’s currently at 310 respondents. As the curator of this survey I believe it could have gone to 500 because the constancy of people doing it, has been a feature of its existence. However the burden of report-backs lies on few pro bono typing laptop shoulders and that has to be taken into account.

The “First tranche” of a Report-back made available to all, and especially those who did the survey, and be done by links to stored documents which will be provided later . That first tranche will be maybe 15 or so bar charts some of which will be the easiest to see quickly, just how Adoptees fared. How in fact and why Adoption for many, is and was, so distressing. That first tranche is being worked on now.

Survey snapshot at 304 Respondents

Many of the bar charts start to do the job of showing a bigger truth about Adoption and they dis-aggregate what is happening inside many Adoptees experiences of Adoption across time. There is a wider need to collectively understand and separate out what’s happening in terms of suffering, abuses, and distresses. Does that create extra suicides ? Those questions have led to this survey’s existence and some very disturbing truths.

NO-ONE else in Governments and/or University Research areas have been truly responding to big numbers of adult Adoptees with so many unmet needs/damages like the ones measured in this survey. That’s a shame. Supports for adult Adoptees are ad hoc and often non-existent apart from corners of pain on the internet where Adoptees feel at least a part of marginalized-otherness. That is just wrong of social systems to create this marginalization by: “socially unconscious design” and many Adoptees want that seen into more clearly.

Survey goes to 311 while writing this article.

This survey exercise is one of Adoptee-democratics for want of a better phrase of : “bottom up power” and is trying to aid many people usually in corners of life : to be together and to see together in a big collected room of social sight all with numerics mirroring greater Adoptee truths.

YOU ARE NOT ON YOUR OWN! Some of us are fighting too for greater sight and recognition of many unmet needs. We are all certainly subject to repression in many disguised ways. The survey, just went up one more respondent in the writing of this article .. 311…. “We The People” ..This is democracy writing …



Retired Ex Statutory Monitor of Mental Health Services Designs And Delivery (Pro Bono) . Artist/Poet/Sculptor For Fun And Therapy . Primal Therapy background

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Retired Ex Statutory Monitor of Mental Health Services Designs And Delivery (Pro Bono) . Artist/Poet/Sculptor For Fun And Therapy . Primal Therapy background