Now and then, when you click on a link on a website, the link will be opened in a new tab, but the old tab will also be redirected to some other phishing website where it asks you to login or starts downloading some malware to your device. … and are the two most popular online tools that are used for rapid prototyping of web applications without ever leaving the browser.

Very recently, CodePen and CodeSandbox released a “feature” to create new pens and sandboxes using short and readable urls.

Check the below table for the URLs…

Next.js is my go-to framework for building any type of frontend applications. It has many things pre-configured right out of the box. For example, you have built-in support for css, css modules, sass etc. It also comes with built-in support for environment variables and many other things. But one thing…

Every developer would have come across some sort of a markdown editor atleast once in their life. If you have edited/written a README file in github/gitlab, you most probably would have used a markdown editor without even knowing. Even the editor which I am using to write this article( Hashnode

Have you ever wondered how twitter automatically shows the preview of the link in a tweet that you post. For example, take the following tweet that I posted very recently. It’s the first ever blog post that I have written and it is published on Hashnode.

It’s very easy to add typescript to a Next.js project. In this post, I will list out steps on how to do so.

First, let’s create a new Nextjs project my-ts-app

mkdir my-ts-app 
cd my-ts-app
npm init -y
npm install next react react-dom
mkdir pages
touch pages/index.tsx

Bhanu Teja P

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