Managing Growth in a Better Way…

One of our priorities to keep Raleigh moving forward: Managing growth in a better way by maintaining and repairing our infrastructure as part of a long-term plan and by making incremental investments as we grow.

Raleigh’s rapid growth is stressing our infrastructure. Meanwhile, last year our City Council departed from the long-term plan for funding investments in our water and sewer utility. This will increase the long-term financial burden for our community and the potential for environmental impact from sewage spilling into our creeks. It’s time to get back to the long-term plan for our utility repair and maintenance and make incremental investments in infrastructure as we grow.

While it is true that today we are in a better position than many of our peer cities across the country, that is because of the investments we made 7, 10, and 15 years ago. It is also true that Council approved staff’s recommendation for water and sewer utility investments in 2019, but that doesn’t change the reality that the short-sighted decision in 2018 has set us back. More importantly, I believe that one once of raw sewage spilled into our creeks is too much, so I don’t celebrate our city being the “least bad” among other cities. Because this election is about Raleigh’s future, if I am elected to City Council I will work to get us back on track so that we do not create financial burden and potential environmental disasters.

Let’s look at some examples in District A:

Sandy Forks Road Widening Project: I love this type of investment in our infrastructure. It slows traffic down, captures stormwater, and provides safe paths for pedestrians and people on bikes. We should be doing more of this as we grow, not waiting for our challenges to get out of hand!

Newton Road Closure: Talk about getting out of hand. In May 2018, Newton Road collapsed when a stormwater culvert failed after a heavy rainstorm. Newton was closed for 3 months (read more from the City)

New stormwater facility:

A new complete Newton Road:

There are lots of places in North Raleigh that need these kinds of investments. I like the “green streets” concepts for Quail Hollow Drive and Bush St. that are included in the Midtown St. Albans Small Area Plan process:

Candidate for Raleigh City Council District A, running to keep Raleigh moving forward

Candidate for Raleigh City Council District A, running to keep Raleigh moving forward