A Smoother International Relocation
Jan Chipchase

I agree with your tips and those of my fellow readers, and would add the following to the list:
* make sure your passport is properly stamped upon arrival, you may have to produce a copy of this page for visa application.
* if you can, get as soon as possible a utility bill (gas, electricity…) under your name at some point it might help you justify you have actually started living there
* order an original birth / wedding certificate from your home country before you move to have handy for translation and visa application if required at your destination country
* check the most appropriate time to move. Moving before the end of the year can spare you significant amount of taxes in certain countries
* check when/if you can get easily a driver’s licence in your destination country. In some cases, you may have just a few months to complete this formality 
* make sure your partner has the covered the full list as well.