Whatever Happened To That “Surging Anti-Semitism” Narrative?
Michael Tracey

Great article, though we probably disagree about Trump, who is reinvigorating our economy after globalists spent years dismantling it. Anyway… I just wanted to add that anti-Semitism is rife in Europe and there are two sources: Islam and the Left. In the US and across Europe, Jews are being mistreated on university campuses (and in the streets in Europe) — and that abuse comes not from marginalized neo-Nazi fanatics, but from Muslims (who detest the Jews) and leftist-anarchist-communists who now control our universities.

I was a liberal Democrat for decades. What interests me now is that the accusations Dems (and their propaganda shills in the press) issue against their opponents are generally intended to provide cover for crimes they themselves are committing or have committed. Democrats are very adept at using these propaganda and diversionary techniques. Nothing they say can be taken seriously. It is all game.

Trump supporters, by the way, are the strongest supporters of the Jewish people. The anti-Semitism canard pushed around by the Dems is very irresponsible.

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