Test, don’t trust! My Summer Internship at Nourish Care

A few months ago I attended an event called .works where I was given the chance to have an interview with one of the Co-Founders of Nourish Care, a startup that creates smart digital tools for people who provide care. They decided to trust me and gave me the opportunity to work with them during 2016 Summer.

The company has offices in both Bournemouth and Coimbra, but most of the development team is staying in Coimbra, my hometown, so that’s where I stayed.

Part of the developing team! Somehow I don’t have a picture with everyone 😢

At first I was completely frightened with the idea of working with these guys (I already knew some of them and they are no picnic!), but now, after 2 full months I regret nothing. Every day a new challenge was waiting for me and I was more than thrilled to solve it!

My first task consisted in finding an open-source analytics platform that we could integrate into our application. After finding Piwik, and since the documentation wasn’t that great and we were getting a lot of errors, we decided to try our own implementation.

The work can be found here. It made me work with Ansible and Docker, tools which proved to be amazing for this job! I can proudly say that my implementation is fully working and being used in production. Thanks Hugo for trusting me with this task, it was a pleasure!

The analytics platform 😏

After this, I started my second task. Integrate our platform with Buddi and SmartThings, using Huginn. Re-architecting the way we did our integrations, to increase scalability and at the same time give them more visibility and error control. On the other hand, I had to make sure anyone, even with no technical background, would be able to configure any of the integrations to a new user.

This one was a bit more challenging, but having in mind that what I was building would have a real impact in someone’s life (these integrations involved, for instance, a wrist band that warned the carer/family of someone when it detected a possible fall) just made me work everyday of my Summer with a smile in my face.

I was quickly introduced to the world of tests, since my code was going into production and it had to follow the quality standards! (One of the things I appreciate the most is that all my work in Nourish had a meaning, all of it was going to be used in production, by real users. Feels good, right?)

At first I was reluctant, since they took the same or has much time has the actual features to be completed. After a full month of writing features and tests in parallel, I can say that it is completely worth it! Test, don’t trust! Tests can be very handy in the future.

The badass setup 😎

All in all it was a truly rewarding experience, and it just makes me feel like I couldn’t have chosen a better place to get in touch with the startup world. Almost 300 commits after, I can say it was the best Summer I’ve ever had, without a doubt! (And remember, test, don’t trust!)

We even had the chance to work at Subvisual’s office for a day!