I Consider Myself An Apple Person.

When it comes to technology I am 100% an Apple person. I have everything Apple from my Iphone 6, to my Ipad, to my Macbook, and next on my list is an IWatch. I love apple to it’s core. When Steve Jobs first designed Apple he made sure that their products were made out of the best and most reliable technology that was available at the time. He was the best innovator of all time.

When it came to updating their products and created new ones Apple has a very good feedback system process. Their feedback system works so well I believe because once they get negative feedback they take the initiative to correct and fix their mistakes/bugs. They have the system correct itself as soon as possible so they will maintain their high status quo.

This is one of the main reasons why I believe I love Apple so much. They know how to please their customers in the most fast and efficient way. Which is pretty funny since they also have the most fast and efficient technological devices.

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