2017 Tendency For Electronic Components Market

A selection of surface mount electronic components including SMD capacitors, SMD resistors, integrated circuits, etc

For components distributors, manufacturers of electronic equipment and many others, it is necessary to have an understanding of the electronics component market for 2017. In times of boom, components are harder to source-prices rise and lead times significantly increase, especially for semiconductors. In times of recession prices fall and availability increases.Planning to enables manufacturers to keep production lines running whilst also keeping costs down.

Major factors for 2017 component

There are many know factors that affect the overall market. Analysis of existing growth trends globally and for different countries is one factor. Another is the new and growing electronics industry sectors. Automotive and the new Internet of Things sectors are expected to grow significantly driving overall growth. Obviously sectors like mobile and fixed telecommunications, computer devices of all forms and many others are well established and likely to grow less.

However there are many unknowns that could affect the economic conditions that govern the overall global economy.

The output of the electronics industry is growing rapidly, and the variety of semiconductor (especially integrated-circuit), quantum, and cryoelectronic devices, as well as devices based on acoustoelectronics and magnetoelectronics, is increasing. Rapid expansion has distinguished the production of such equipment as microcomputers, color picture tubes, electronic calculators (including programmable calculators), video recorders, electronic watches, high-quality stereo systems, and microwave ovens.Many of these innovations, such as the transistor, had their origins in military research, which needed increasingly complex electronic devices for modern high-tech warfare.

Consumer electronics industry is a major end-use market for electronic components and therefore the recent spurt in demand for electronic devices,particularly in developed markets,is lending significant traction to the global electronic components market.With electronic device manufacturers increasing their production capacity in order to meet the growing demand for these.Such as, the growing demand of Wireless Communication Equipment and Data Network Infrastructure need multilayer pcbs, Industrial expansion in emerging markets and Electronic medical industry also increase the market of electronics components.

So that more competitive of electronics industry will be,also the costs and markets of electronics components will significantly increased.So more innovative technology to do the right component selection is required.