Daily to-do list for maximum productivity with guidance on each step

I’ve read a lot of guides and theories on how to maximise your daily efficiency with 5, 10, 20 steps that successful entrepeneur billionaires do before breakfast to get the most out of their buzzword fad whatever. Personally, I’m all about efficiency, so I’ve distilled the essentials from all these essays into a handy plan that will suit everyone.

To Do

1: Wake up —waking up is essential to productivity, there are only a few specific things that can be achieved while asleep and most of those have to be planned while awake. Waking up also implies that you have been asleep. Sleeping is a key ingredient to living a healthy lifestyle, but you shouldn’t overdo it, hence the need to wake up. You may think that this shouldn’t be on a to-do list as it comes naturally to many people but having it here means that you can start your day of with a victory. You can cross this achievement off your to-do list and now that you’ve immediately started your day off being productive, you can move on to step 2

2: Be awesome — There are many ways you can be awesome, you could bungee jump from space, cure cancer, sell out the albert hall, give all your money to charity, build a moon rocket, leap tall buildings with a single bound. But those aren’t for everyone. There are many more subtle ways of being awesome. You could master a skill, try a new one, help a friend, support your family, assist a stranger, donate your time, leave the world in slightly better condition than it was when you woke up. Crucially, don’t be a dick. You can’t be awesome if you’re also a dick.

3: Be more awesome than you were yesterday — Every day seek to spend a little time improving yourself in some way. Even if it’s just reading a chapter of a text book, an extra rep in your workout, trying to do your job a little better, or even just being less of an arse than you were yesterday, be mindful and constantly bettering yourself. Or course, with any sort of exercise, mental or physical, rest days are important, so don’t forget to just chill out now and again. Think of resting as part of the process. It’s the first step in taking a running leap into more awesome.

With these three simple steps, you can improve the world for yourself and the rest of us. Thanks for your contribution.