How do you turn Likes into customers?

Get that email address!


Email still crushes social media when it comes to customer conversion and acquisition. Gettin a Like or a Follow is important, but it’s way more important to collect an email address. Here’s why:

We check email first:

How do you kick off your work day (besides rolling through the coffee drive-thru) Checking email first thing in the AM is a habit exhibited by the majority of online consumers.

We check email every day:

Do you think our smartphone obsessed culture is scrolling their social media feed daily? You would be correct many are, more than 50% log onto Facebook every day according to the Digital Marketing Association. But in comparison to email that is nothing. 91% of online consumers check their email every…. single… day.

Email makes you more money:

Let’s talk about what’s really important: Are consumers spending their money as a result of what they read or see in email vs. social media? Email wins again 66% of online consumers made purchases as a result of an email vs. just 20% on Facebook and 6% on Twitter. (DMA)


A smart approach is to combine the power of social media with your email marketing. Drive traffic from your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter profile to your contest/giveaway/etc. where you can collect an email address.

Build social contests to capture the lead information you need. Use the contest’s URL in the bio of your Instagram profile and to create a post on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Finally, do not forget you need to stay in-touch. Send discounts, coupons, announcements, and more to the email addresses you collect.

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