Another AMQP On Its Way?

So, back in 2003, JPMorgan Chase got fed up paying lots of money to IBM for its MQ Series messaging middleware and decided to build its own. AMQP — for Advanced Message Queuing Protocol — was the result, which was open sourced and became widely supported by many vendors. It was adopted as an ISO standard in 2014.

Why is this of interest to the blockchain world? Well, JPMC has begun to talk about its Quorum development, a blockchain platform based on Ethereum, which supports both public and private blockchains, the latter including selective publishing of data to only nodes that have agreed access to it, while having all nodes participate in block verification.

What’s more, the bank plans to open source its work in the near future and given its success (albeit, it took a while) with AMQP, one can imagine a future where it could provide a credible alternative to Hyperledger’s Fabric, or even proprietary offerings like Chain Core or R3’s Corda.

More information in this article on CoinDesk.

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