You are saying that this new Macbook pro is great tool for (web) developers.
Milan Darjanin

On the topic of keyboard shortcuts, isn’t the touch bar meant to change based on context? This would allow (us) developers to free the user from memorizing shortcuts. As a person who uses a LOT of shortcuts, I’ve always found that most people, developers included, don’t know many keyboard shortcuts. Also most programs don’t use function keys in their shortcuts (though you can set these up manually, but why do that when you can potentially create a touch bar key for it instead?)

FWIW the jury is still out for me. Also I’d like to see a set of hashtags introduced to this debate #usesTouchBar and #neverUsedTouchBar. There are a lot of very passionate, very eloquent comments in criticism of something that is actually new (versus a bigger and sexier version of something old) where the comments are based on having watched a video and read a few articles, but not ever having used it. Food for thought.

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