Six Summer Social Media Tips To Make Your Business Shine

Summer is finally here! But before we all get too excited about the warmer weather and the prospect of a well-earned holiday, it’s time to make a few tweaks to your social media content that reflect the change in season.

So grab your social media plan and get ready to start implementing these summer social media tips over the next month or two.

Summer social media tips

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Change your social media cover images

The first way to make sure your social media channels reflect the arrival of summer is to change your cover photos. If you’re a cafe, why not swap out the latte art images for a photo of your most popular iced coffee? For travel brands, it’s all about those beach vibes, so save the city break images for autumn and start showing off your best images of sun, sea, and sand instead.

Grab your camera

Your cover photos aren’t the only thing that should be seasonal; any images you use across social media should be summery at this time of year. At the first hint of sun, head out and get some summery shots.

Even better: hire a local photographer to take some al fresco or summer-themed product shots. A picture speaks a thousand words, so it’s worth investing in quality imagery for social media.

Tweak your content for mobile

Warmer weather means your customers are likely going to be spending a lot more time outside, but with 80% of media now consumed on our phones it’s even more important to ensure your content is mobile friendly.

Here are some tips:

  • Remember to annotate any videos you share (yep, this includes a brief description if you’re talking to your customers on Instagram Stories) so your followers can consume them whether they’re alone or with friends
  • Focus on short-form content — people are much less likely to read long-form content on their phones
  • Avoid ‘message fatigue’ by making sure you’re not repeating the same content verbatim across multiple channels that are popular with mobile users like Facebook and Twitter

Up your Instagram game

Visuals are deeply rooted in how we perceive brands, and when it comes to telling stories through pictures Instagram knocks it out of the park. You’re probably already posting photos of your company’s products with a seasonal twist on Facebook and Twitter, so make sure your Instagram profile isn’t still stuck in spring by taking advantage of the sunnier weather.

This goes for your Instagram Stories too. Get out in the sunshine and show your followers how creative you can be!

Make your content topical

Is there anything more British than talking about the weather? Probably not, so it’s more than OK to reference the heat (or lack of it if the sun seems to have taken a holiday itself) on social media at this time of year.

Drinks brands, it’s time to show your followers how they can use your products to create some summery cocktails. Sports brands: share some tips for training in warmer weather and remind your customers to stay hydrated.

Get your team involved

It’s not all sunshine and sangrias during the summer months. In fact, most of us will be spending summer in exactly the same place as we spent spring: at our desks! It doesn’t mean your team can’t get in on the fun, though.

Throw a barbecue, a festival-themed party, or just treat your employees to a few drinks in the local beer garden and document it on Instagram Stories or Snapchat. Not only will you get to show off your brand’s personality, but giving people a peek behind the scenes is a great way to attract new talent and showcase company culture.

And there you go — lots of summer social media tips you can use over the next month or two.

Let’s all cross our fingers for some sun!

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