When the maps run out
Dougald Hine

I really like this piece, I think the collapse narrative goes a long way in explaining the election. One thing I think that is missing is that Latino immigrants in the U.S. and the white working class who swung for Trump are victims of the same forces of exploitation. The jobs that NAFTA sent to Mexico and free trade zones opened in other parts of the Americas may be the same ones that left the U.S. in terms of labor but are absolutely not in terms of pay or the ability to have a sustainable livelihood. This was by design to keep labor cheap for multi-national corporations. Clearly, the jobs that are available to white working class Americans now aren’t sustainable either and rather than opportunity, they have been replaced by drug addiction and alcoholism. I also think that Trump’s message about ‘Mexico not sending their best’ and ‘bad hombres’ finds a hold because NAFTA destroyed decent jobs for young men in Mexico as well, but those men replaced employment with working for cartels on both sides of the border and NAFTA enabled open borders that are exploited by drug traffickers to move drugs into the U.S. and those two forces are major contributors to the addiction issues that you mention. My real worry moving on from this election is that liberals will double down on globalization, ignore the obvious lessons from the campaign, demonize the left as collaborating with Trump (and his nativist message) when they work on issues to improve the lives of workers in the U.S., and pick someone like Tim Kaine to run in the next election.