APPorn — the new App Store for erotic and sensitive content is coming soon!

Adult entertainment website and mobile app PORNCORN have published information about plans to launch its own alternative App Store for Android and Apple (iOS) devices. The PORNCORN app store will be launched tentatively in January 2019. The new app store, which will be known under the name “APPorn”, will list only erotic and porn apps, games, videos, and other sensitive adult content.

PORNCORN is very well known in Europe and Americas erotic entertainment content brand thanks to its video streaming website and Android mobile app PCORN

End of last year PORNCORN project launched its cryptocurrency project and distributed authentic PCC coins.

Users of APPorn app store will be able to pay for content with PCC coins and get a tremendous 90% discount comparing to other users, who dint have PCC coins. However, such offer will be limited in time by first 3 months after APPorn app store launched.

CEO, Lung S. have commented: “We expect, that APPorn will become the main and the largest erotic&porn content app store, and by far stay ahead of current world’s famous MiKandi store. We already invested 10 million USD into development, and planning to spend twice more for our marketing campaigns.”

PCC coin is currently traded at ZBG cryptocurrency exchange with pair PCC/ZT

It is expected, that after launching APPorn app store in to live, the price of PCC coins could growth by tens of times.