How to buy PCC coins

How to Buy PCC coins


You can buy PCC coins only on ZBG Exchange.

All other sources that pretending to sell PCC coins are not authorized by PCC team.


ZBG is a business that is wholly independent of PCC project team. PCC team does not endorse ZBG, nor does PCC team make any representations or warranties with respect to ZBG’s services. It is advisable to always conduct your own due diligence before trusting your money to any third party. The following general instructions are provided by PCC team, solely for your reference.

Register at ZBG Exchange

STEP 1. If you are not yet registered at ZBG, you should register and verify your account.

Go to and create an account.

a) After you enter your information

b) complete puzzle to verify that you are human

c) click “Send Code”. Check your email or phone for code and enter it in the field “Enter Code”

d) Check box “I have agreed to terms and conditions” and click Sign Up.

STEP 2. Login with your account credentials (email or phone, and email)

STEP 3. PCC coins is sold only for ZT coins. There is trading pair PCC/ZT at the ZBG Exchange:

To buy PCC coins you should have ZT coins. If you don’t have ZT coins, you should buy it first.

STEP 4. If you don’t have yet ZT coins, then you should first deposit USDT to buy ZT.

NOTE: If you have ZT coins, then go to step 6 of this manual.

Go to “Manage Assets” menu for your personal account:

STEP 5. Select “Deposit”, and “USDT”, and “Generate the wallet link” or “Copy wallet address”

You will get your personal wallet address.

Send your USDT to this personal wallet address.

Go to step 7 of this manual.

STEP 6. If you already have ZT coins, just deposit it to your address at ZBG:

Go to step 8 of this manual.

STEP 7. After you deposited USDT, you can buy ZT coins.

Go to Exchange:

and choose ZT/USDT trading pair:

Now you can ZT coins for your USDT:

STEP 8. After you bought ZT coins, or deposited ZT coins at Exchange, you are ready to buy and/or sell PCC coins.

Choose PCC/ZT trading pair:

Now you can buy (or sell) PCC coins:

ZBG Exchange:

PCC/ZT trading pair at ZBG Exchange:

ZBG Exchange instruction how to buy ZT coins: