Unearthing the groundbreaking life and work of the greatest Italian political filmmaker

Who was he?

Elio Petri was an Italian auteur who studied with the neorealist greats, but whose work explores the psychology of the individual when confronted by various idiosyncrasies of modern society, particularly within social, political and economic class systems. His films presented a scathing satire of the various facets of Italian society across a broad swath of genres, from horror to sci-fi, drama to comedy.

Image via IMDB

Born to a working-class family in Rome on January 29, 1929, he was a member of the Italian Communist Party in the early post-WWII era, both of which would significantly inform the themes of his future work…

What I learned from a 5 year old about the wisdom of calming the f*ck down

Twinkling pianos form a rising crescendo of sound that swirls around me as I recline on a pillowy cloud carried on the wings of angels, lifting me towards a beautiful sunrise. It’s interesting that there are beers available on this cloud, and Burt Reynolds is hanging out on the other side of the cloud talking about jet boats, but I’m not going to interrupt Gator. Rising through this beautiful skyline towards a shining light above, I can feel my mind being pulled away from this scene as if zooming out on a telescope. I know what is happening and what…

Listen to the traditional and modern music that set the tone for our journey to Morocco

Morocco projects a soulfulness that sinks into your bones. We could feel this projected through the people, sights and sounds of the country. As an accompaniment to our stories that will use Morocco as a setting, we’ve put together a list of tracks that set the vibe for us while spending time exploring Marrakech, Essaouira, and Casablanca. The playlist features a mix of Moroccan artists, including traditional Gnawa and Berber music, Moroccan singers, rappers and instrumentalists both modern and classic, as well as tracks by artists from around the globe. Click the image below to listen on Spotify.

Below the…

An initiation into the sights and sounds of the Red City

Author: Paul Costianes
Images: Anastasia Prokofyeva & Paul Costianes

“It’s a madhouse, of course. A complete, utter madhouse. I only hope to God it remains one.”

Paul Bowles, Let it Come Down

We touched down at Menara Airport in Marrakech at dawn after a long but uneventful day of travel, which included two connecting flights through Detroit and Amsterdam. As the plane taxied across the runway, a vibrantly earth toned countryside presenting a mix of desert vegetation and multi-hued soil passed by the plane. We angled our bodies and craned our necks like children to peek through the small…

Paul Costianes

Blind Man: Buddha once sat before a wall & when he arose he was enlightened. Cord: You compare yourself to Buddha? Blind Man: No. Only to the wall.

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