There Is No Good Argument For The Teen Wage
Hanna Brooks Olsen

I started work when I was 10, delivering papers, baby sitting, cutting grass, etc. I worked my butt off, if the norm was 10 widgets an hour I did 15 and then tried to increase that. I acquired a professional degree, mostly paying my own way and I had my own business for over 30 years with up to 24 employees. When they first came to work for me they weren’t worth a dime but they worked hard and I paid them for what they were contributing to the firm. Some hustled and moved into more demanding jobs with increased pay. Some were content to stay in the positions they had.

I gave zero consideration to the compensation they needed. If an employee had a personal problem I did everything I could to help. One new guy was complaining that he couldn’t pay for his own apartment, pay for his car and all of his other expenses on what I was paying him. At the time he was nowhere near earning the salary I was paying him. I fired him on the spot.

It is unfair to other employees pay someone more then they contributing to the business. Keeping a balanced compensation system going in a business takes a lot of time and effort but if done properly it leads to a thriving result.

If your job description calls for 10 widgets an hour, go for 15 and your NEEDS will soon be met. Any minimum wage is wrong and insulting.

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