Democrats: A Price on Carbon is Half of the Solution
Camila Thorndike

The climate change problem is incredibly complex and involves every move we make, every action we take, in every way. Energies benefits have economic, political, psychological, and environmental ramifications. Energies downside also includes all of the above. There are no easy solutions and existing renewable technology is in no position to fill the gap if we reduce fossil fuel production. Fossil fuel production has fueled our modern civilization and I have no desire to stop the worlds remaining poor from a bit of relief from abject poverty.

There are many idealistic proposals to distribute our global resources more equitably but just as there is strong inertia in our energy and climate systems there also is strong inertia headwinds in our idealistic proposals.

The current belief that we are making some significant headway in addressing climate change is dampening efforts to truly address the problem, as global temperatures, CO2 emissions and concentrations continue to rise faster and faster every year.

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