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We passed 1.5C inevitability years ago and we have probably passed 2C also. The inertia in our climate systems will insure these outcomes no matter what we do in the future.

I grew up during WWII and to contemplate a “wholesale transformation” similar to what occurred during WWII is totally absurd. This environmental crisis has been going on since the late 1960’s and the western prosperous countries have done wonders cleaning up their air and water, while at the same time emerging countries have trashed their environment as they fought their way out of extreme poverty. Climate change emerged as the crisis “du jour” in the late 1980"s, and the effort necessary to change the global climate is beyond human comprehension. Global efforts to date have had almost no impact on the relentless warming, relentless C02 concentrations and relentless GHG emissions.

I read deeply serious scientific discussions of methane emissions, glacial melting and on and on. This problem has left the scientific realm and is now an economic, political and moral problem. Every cause imaginable has joined the climate fray to advocate for their narrow interests.

It is probably going to get warmer for many, many years and we had better start seriously considering how the warming will impact the future. The “catastrophic” crowd is 100 percent negative and this is not realistic, warmer winters must be given serious consideration.

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