HAYU AUSTRALIA (AU) → Totally Free. A better price doesn’t exist.

hayu Australia: Get 1 month for free here. No better price exists.

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Oct 7 · 4 min read

What is hayu Australia?

hayu Australia
hayu Australia

hayu is a streaming service that has recently become hugely popular, not only in Australia but in the rest of the world. hayu is a fairly new service and has decided to stick to a genre and on their service you can find ALL American reality television; for example, keep up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of Beverly hills and all the spin-off series made there.


If you love drama, twisted plots and bling-bling, you will quickly discover that hayu Australia contains all the tv shows that suit you. Start from the first season or follow the last part, each episode is available the same day it comes out in the US.

TRY hayu Australia for FREE

You can find everything when it comes to reality. On the other hand, there are no movies, no documentaries, news or sports. It is a good and cheap solution for those who love reality.

hayu Price

The great thing about Hayu is that you get what you pay for. With that, hayu AU is a streaming service that is just about one genre — namely reality TV, the one who loves reality can register as a user and patch whatever drama in it you want. Also for the nice sum of AUD 5 a month. hayu price.

hayu AU — get one month free

You can right now if you sign up for hayu, Australia gets the first month free. Simply register on hayu’s website with your personal information and payment information. Then you must decide before the first month if you want to continue as a registered paying user and pay a maximum of AUD 5 per person. month or cancel your “free” subscription for the first month.

What do you get in a hayu subscription?

First and foremost, you get unlimited access to more than 100 different reality shows that can either be streamed or downloaded. As mentioned before, you get access to old seasons, but most importantly you can follow your favorite series when there are new episodes every week. They are actually published on the hayu website the same day they appear in the US.

In addition, you can find small clips from the various series on the site, find articles and stories about everything that goes on behind extinguished cameras! So subscribing to hayu is a sure way to keep up to date with your favorite Hollywood scandals.

Programs on hayu AU

You can find a sea of ​​different American reality series on hayu streaming service. Here is a brief description of some of the most streamed programs you will find on hayu. Remember, you can always find the latest sections of your favorite series the same day they appear in the US.

Keep up with the Kardashians

The controversial, extravagant Kardashian / Jenner clan that most people love to hate has eventually aired 16 seasons, where as a viewer you get close to family in both the passage and the hardship. Right from the start, where Kendall and Kylie were still young and Kim and her sisters only dreamed of the fame and wealth they all achieved today. Since then, we have followed them in their development, their relationships and unhappy love, family improvements, scandals and much, much more. One thing is for sure. There is a guarantee of good entertainment and drama — both in public and in fact within the family. With a hayu subscription, you can follow the new sections of Keeping Up with the Kardashians every week and see the many spin-off series that have been made over time: “Kourthey & Khloe take Miami”, “Kim & Kourtney take New York,” Khloe & Lamar “,” Kylie’s life “to name but a few. hayu au.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

RHOBH is also one of hayu’s most viewed series and for good reason. For nearly a decade, viewers have been able to follow the lives of the glamorous housewives in the star-studded Beverly Hills. Since then, there have also been more spin-off series, including Real Housewives of Miami, Real Housewives of Dallas, Real Housewives of Sydney, Real Housewives of Atalanta, to name just a few. Common to all series is that viewers meet some glamorous women with an extravagant lifestyle who do not want to compromise on anything. Be it looks, careers or love. They are durable and uncompromising, and there is a guarantee of both entertainment and drama.

Among popular programs on hayu you will find Best Ink, Chef Academy, Southern Charm, Below Deck and many, many more. There is something to find for every taste, and it is certainly addictive!

Hayu price

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