Acceptance has a long road to go.

First, we learn to accept ourselves.

Next, we pick up the fact that everyone else can’t be like us.

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Only when you accept yourself, you become capable to see beyond what’s visible.

Do you see how it has evolved?

You learn to embrace your flaws, while the next thing you have to pick is to embrace the flaws in others.

Perfection is a myth. Neither I am perfect, nor are you.

And, trust me being perfect is the last thing I would ever wish. While there’s a lot to achieve, there’s a lot to learn too.

And I don’t want to be someone who has a knack with every other thing.

Well, who we can become, is something that comes after accepting ourselves. …


Princy Lalawat

A Content Writer — I write content to help people understand what life is, its experiences, and the way we end up living it. E-mail me:

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