Gratitude & benevolence: The glorious road to Thank people

A hundred reasons to thank

Often we find ourselves asking for help or guidance from either our parents, friends or close relatives. We end up taking decisions by measuring various aspects of the advice we collect from some or the other source. But how often we are thankful to the person who helped us? Do we manage to say something gracious other than these 7 letters: THANK YOU? I believe NO. Because the self oriented goals we have, are against this.

However, expressing gratitude is a highly blissful activity, everybody should try once in a week. It calms the mind and lets you realize the beauty of thanksgiving. In our entire lifetime, we accumulate debts which can’t be paid back even after our death. Debts can be anything like asking for a help to get some grocery from the market, learning to drive for the first time, learning to operate your smart phone’s latest feature etc. etc. There’s no end to how many times we would have called our friends to drop in some suggestions. Parents continue to be the number one advisors. We never ever go back and thank them for their valuable advice.

We owe so much to the world, yet we run the race of proving “Nobody is better than me”. The pride and ego, hidden beneath our words are moronic.

So, why not eliminate this pride and be gracious enough to Thank people for their kind deeds. Expressing gratitude and being benevolent are pillars of the road build with Humility. This short exercise, like sparing just two minutes in a day will help you gain an edge over others when it comes to being kind.

Sparing two minutes in a day, I find is no hard work. When we can opt for scrolling through long and never ending social media feeds, two minutes are like those gaps we take while moving on to the next meme.

So in these two minutes you need to do a lot.

  • Open up your notes app or notepad
  • Start listing whom you asked for help today
  • Let it be any person, Security guard, newspaper boy or the bus conductor
  • For the next few minutes you need to focus on all tasks you did from the morning
  • Not only people, but we owe gratitude even to objects and things around

And as you complete the list, the bliss starts falling. You’ll find yourself happy for no reason. You’ll find as if you’re now enjoying freedom. Freedom to be you. The mind has lost it’s weight and is rushing to rise even higher. That’s the beauty of offering Gratitude.

Try it once and you’ll love to do that again.

Btw, it’s time for me to express gratitude for reading this piece of mine. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for reading till the end and understanding the views I hold.

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