Nobody is your BEST-Friend

I have seen people meeting other people a moment ago and then claiming to best buddies forever. How insane that thing is. Just by spending a few giggle moments how can you even judge the other person of being there for you forever.

In my opinion this word Best Friend is too over rated. Nobody will be there for you all times apart from your parents. But we all get engaged too much in being an extrovert and making friends every other second. I completely agree this is fine and good to interact with anybody you cross your ways, but declaring them your best buddies is to much hype. That person is just for now, this very moment he/she is with you. May be as soon as his work is done, he/she is out of your life forever. People just talk to make things at their end go easy. They have mastered the skills for pleasing up and making things happen according to them. No matter what you think, you’re their best buddy till you follow or idealize his/her thoughts. The moment you step out or against is the very moment of heartbreaking.

I have seen people who not only change friends every other day but change up the whole scenario between you two. They apparently start talking about you, making things even more miserable and believe me they will never ever give a shit back to you unless their work is stucked. I wonder what this word BEST counts for. You can’t live without a person for minutes when in friendship and after that cry hard to never see their faces again. You talk of spending whole lives together and end up not even staying for a year. What does this define? We all want 10 friends in a row, but resist helping a single one in need. We want people around us to notice our steps but fail to notice hard works of other. We all have entered an ocean of ego and jealously. Instead of praising others for their good deads we just brag about he managed to do so.

The old definition of friendship has changed. We now own friends with their working abilities saved next to name in contacts list. Self love has lost. People just brag about being friends. They fail to maintain it. Friendship is now judged upon how better you can get served by other. Deep down we all seek friends, but somewhere we lack the courage to be one.

Friendship doesn’t mean to party hard Saturday nights or plan adventure trips together. It is a measure of self less love you can give to the other person in need. But it has lost its meaning and is ruined day by day.

How often you remember your first friend at school? How often do you talk? Do you ever take efforts to greet him a birthday wish via a phone call instead of posting useless collage on social media?

Friends are those souls who when remembered would make a way out for you. Not necessary you talk every time, hang out together but when you do, you ensure it’s the longest spend ever. I would suggest people to make friends everyday but do not degrade the true meaning of friendship.

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