The Goal Creation

Goals! Aims! Destiny!
Do they all sound the same?
But what are they? What role they play? How to nail them?

That’s what everyone thinks after being slammed by their choice at any moment in their lives.

What we lack is preparing for it. 
If we were aware of its outcomes or if we were totally aware of what we would head towards after setting a certain goal, we would have chosen it the right way.
We choose our goals not just because we want them that way, but because of many external factors that might have influenced us somewhere in the past. May be because of our family background, friends, role models etc.

We never thought of what we really wanted to do?
What we wanted to become?
What we wanted to have the rest of our life?
Probably the world would have produced less engineers if this had happened before.

Just walking on somebody else's path isn’t the correct way of walking. The child learns how to walk, but he never does so by copying it. He gradually stands up one day and realizes that he is ready to run now.

This life is a gift and we’re 100% responsible for the things happening with us or around us. We have the right to choose and we do choose things like what clothes we need to wear for the next party, what do we need to eat for the dinner and many more choices. But somewhere amidst the life’s chaos we forget to choose our goals and then regret later. It has happened many times that we realize how things would have changed if we took the right decision before. But a minute gone would never return.

So for our life to carry on, that too smoothly, we need to choose paths, we need to set goals and we need to realize soon what is our ultimate destiny, what we desire out of this beautiful life. We should begin now because “A stitch in time, saves nine.”

Having a goal is not enough though, many people plan, but do not succeed. Why? Because people, I have seen plan big things at once and fail to accomplish them. People do not realize that the entire mountain can’t be moved at once, we need to begin with small stones. Start small and increase your capacity day by day and that’s how goals are achieved.

So here’s a basic skeleton on how to plan goals which are measurable.

We need to work with 3 categories-

  1. Short term goals
  2. Medium term goals
  3. Long term goals

Let’s begin to peep into what these 3 categories are.


List all the things you need to accomplish today till the end of day or latest by tomorrow. 
Ex- calling your best friend, completing one of your assignments, arranging your wardrobe


List all things here which you need to accomplish by the next week/month.
Ex- learning few guitar lessons, completing some online course etc.


List here how you see yourselves 5 years from now. This would be something close to your ultimate life goal. Choose wisely because this is going to define how you become, how your career will be shaped, how society would look up to you. 
Ex- Getting a dream company job with the profile of your interest, building your own house near the serene beach etc.

Now as you complete the above task, the real task begins.

You need to carry this list with you whole day.

You need to read this whenever you get time.

And the most important thing is to read this before you sleep and to read again as you wake up (so that your entire day is aligned with your goals).

Choose what you want to look like in your own eyes.

Choose how you want people to designate you.

Opt for your passion.

Ultimately, design your life as you always wanted it to be.

Live the way you want.

The only thing you need to do wisely is to choose! choose! & choose!.

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