Keep Your Computer Viruses In Check

Owning a computer may be a boon for all the technical reasons but it can quickly turn into a bane when a computer virus is detected. Dealing with viruses is indeed stressful. Firstly because it can enter the PC from something as random as an e-mail. Secondly, as it is a major potential threat to all the important documents saved on the computer.

Once the virus is detected, up until any further action is taken for its removal, it is a matter of sheer uncertainty. Detection of computer malware is basically the same as a computer system going into hijack-mode.

How To Know For Sure That There is a Virus Present In The PC?

Taking steps to deal with the crisis at hand- computer virus removal is undoubtedly a necessary measure. But how exactly can one know for sure that there is a virus present in the PC? Here are some ways to detect the presence of a computer virus:

  • An extremely slow functioning PC can be infected with virus/viruses
  • Unidentifiable computer programs that start without your knowledge
  • Random pop-up messages that start appearing on the screen and cannot be closed easily
  • Constant noise made from the hardware
  • Continuous redirection to different websites
  • Problem in starting the computer

The list simply goes on, but these are some of the giveaway signs that the computer in question may be infected with a virus/malware.

What To Do Next After The Virus is Detected?

Once the first step is cleared, the next step is to disable /disconnect the internet connection of the computer. This should be done so as to prevent the leak of any kind of private or confidential data present in the computer to the online world. The computer needs to brought to the ‘safe mode’.

One should delete any temporary files present on the PC. The next thing to do is to download a suitable virus scanner, either a real-time one or a manual one.

After the virus is scanned and removed, one might have to reinstall any damaged files or software and recover data. This is where backup files come in handy. The practice to save backup files on an external hardware is essential as such events are unforeseen and can result in the loss of a lot of vital/personal information.

The only way to prevent such events in future is to raise the computer’s security level by keeping the anti-virus software installed up-to-date. The search for efficient services of computer repair in London is not a hard one if one is looking in the right direction.

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