Serious Signs that Tell your PC Needs Professional Help and Not DIY

PC Repair Point
Jul 25, 2017 · 2 min read

The personal computer is an extensively important device that is needed in our daily lives. Hence, when this technology is in grave need of repair, do not overlook the seriousness of the matter. Small bugs and fixes could be done personally, however, one should be able to tell when his/her computer needs a technician to look after it. Here is a list of the 5 serious signs that a computer gives when it is in dire need of renovation.

Unmanageable viruses and malware

Not every malware could be fought with excellent anti-virus scans. If your computer has been festering an advanced virus program me, then chances are that anti-virus apps could do little to eradicate it. This could lead to extensive ransom ware cases when the attacker steals all the personal information and hacks your PC’s files. There are certain ways to avoid such a situation, however, when viruses get out of control, it is recommended to take your PC to the computer repair shop.

External damage

A computer system is not immune to outward damages. Common physical damage causes are electrical short circuits, tumble and breakage, and water damage. Even if you somehow manage to restart your device normally, it is recommended to not engage further as this may cause electrical risks. Replacing internal parts could be very complex so it would be best to call for professional help.

Hard drive failure

The message “Hard Drive detects imminent failure” is taken much lightly than it should be. In some cases, through a simple rebuild one could restore the status of the hard drive, however, data loss could occur due to this. Yet there are some cases where this point has been passed and a simple repair is not possible. In such cases, get help from an IT professional.

Getting slow and unreliable

The slow performance of your computer is usually due to hard drive corruption. Mechanical hard drives, though have advanced and improved over time, still exhibit mechanical problems. Some common hard drive corruption signs are the slow loading of files, slow rebooting or a noise coming from the CPU when the PC is working. Generally, skip the DIY ideas if you face this and consult someone experienced in PC repair in London.

Crashing of Windows when not used

Windows crashes occur often when you’re working on the computer. However, crashes occurring when left alone overnight or left in sleep mode indicate that there is something wrong. Mostly these crashes occur due to hardware or driver issues. This could lead to permanent data loss if not immediately called for a professional technician.

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