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Ties are GREAT. We should not eliminate them. They add a degree of surprise to the games and the league.

That said, the OT could be adjusted in a number of way.

First, the OT coin flip should be the same as the second half coin flip. Obviously there is no second half coin flip. They use the opening coin flip to determine who kicks off in BOTH halves. So simply add the choice for OT to the opening coin flip as well.

Second, the OT format. It should be based on the two-minute drill. Each team should get a possession like they do in college. Start on your own side of the field (40yd line or so)and give each team a LIMITED TIME. Teams only have two minutes for their possession. If they score a TD or a FG then the other team has their chance. They also have only two minutes for their drive. If it is still tied after those four minutes then each team gets one more possession each. This possession is ONE minute. If it is still tied at the end then it is a tie. That way OT is only six minutes max. But the entire OT is literally a two minute drill. And sometimes you will still get a tie, which is good.

More exciting, less time, both teams get a good chance to win. Do it!

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