Social Networking @ Do you need it

"When you are in Rome,Be like a Roman"

While watching to a ISP officer speaking about how social media is useless, where it's referring to Facebook as faceless book , and also referring socializing as deseise , really ericked me. Socializing is really needed .

"One should change, with the time that change"

Why , What, When, How and Where is it needed let see one after the other

Why :- Socializing is the only way to emote, Express, exemplifie and Show your way of seeing the world. Research says that people who don't use social network are less up to dated with things going around . Now a days from world news to local news , from news of your best friends to news of your work place all sticks to the same wall. So that's why you need social network

What- What you need to socialize. We need someone to share our thoughts , we can share our achievements and also what you feel.People also put negative socializing like that one video which I was referring to (exaggerating!) Whichever are need to be ignored . Sharing is care , sharing your thoughts ,ideas , anger, positivity and knowledge is easy when you socialize it . It's said that people can learn fast with visuals that reading a book , you can learn programming, technology and what not by watching from YouTube. So that's what you need to do

When - When we need to socialize. Scheduling and regular socializing help you to build your branding . It gives you recognization to what you do , how you do. At the time of celebration socializing gives you more bonding where you can reach out to larger pool of friends who were with you in your school . Start ups also accumulates funding from social network and now a days to find a job you need to be social. When you are social , your more vigilant. So thats when you need to be social

How:- How to be social? Times have changed , now a days Prime Ministers of the country use social media to address the mass and talk about the way they need to rule . You can use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, Quora, YouTube,Pinterest and more to act like a medium to Voice your ideas and thoughts. People can become starts and share thoughts with social media. Use the tool for spreading positivity, sharing awareness and building the world united. That how you can use social media platforms.

Where- Social media is developing from colleges to government entities. People now a days can seek quick help in getting a particular group of blood by using social media on time. It also enable individual to speak against something which is not right. Involving in discussion to supporting a cause , for all things social media can be used. Use social media where ever there is a idea.

Human tendencies are different . 2 out of 20 people feel shy, conservative as well as set back in getting easy and amicable with the Society. Some may feel shy where as some may feel it's useless. For example , when I was working in a MNC for any group activity , there was one guy who felt that activity was unnecessary. 
But the truth is , he was in fear to not able to win it.

In the same way people who don't know how to use social media are the ones who speak not to utilize it. But they forget those speeches or preachers are only been viewed or shared in one of these social apps. If no one would have used them then there will be no one to view.

Millenials are the ones who. Actively use new modes of communication and for them socializing is really bread and butter

P.S this article is a way of expressing the usefulness of social media. No person nor an individual are referred of implified. If there are similar reference that's only a Co incidence.