Types OF Teachers @Indian Philosophy

Teachers are given high priority and cultural status in India, Indian Culture puts Teacher Next important after Parents. As per Kabir Vani (Hymns of Kabir ) if God and Teacher (Guru ) are standing side by side , To whom should you bow first ? you should bow to your teacher first because he is the only one who introduced you to GOD. Even the teachers day is celebrated on birthday of Dr. Sarvepalli Radha Krishnan another teachers from India. Indian Scripts says that we have different kinds of teachers in our day to day life , Gurus are classified into Six types, all who make us a social and communal responsible person. So here are the types

Bodhaka Guru (The Doctrine Tutor) : Gives instructions relating to ancestral work, believes and doctrine, they teach and preach about what is your self being, how should you pray what are the values of your religion, how to enunciate the holy deeds The Guru who initiates the disciple into the religion etc.

Vachaka Guru(The Communicating Teacher ):Initiates one into spirituality by giving a consecration for a daily work, which transforms the life of the students. The Guru who initiates the disciple of religious, recitation and errand tasks. This teacher teaches the path of what’s good and what’s Bad deeds, what’s social and what’s anti-social .

Suchaka Guru(The Subjective Teacher ):Mastery over any one science or art. e.g. management Guru, Mastery in Healing, etc. We can bifurcate all out teachers from school into this category .The “Suchaka” Guru is one who is well-versed ,well-educated and has mastery over at least one external subject. i.e. he has a Mastery over any subject science or art.

Nishidda Guru(The Banned Teacher) :Prohibited Teacher, Invokes external Secret powers for personal benefit or with evil intention. The teacher who practice and teaches Hypnosis, Anti social practices ,Theft ,Bluff and colonization .these type of teacher are called prohibited as they are creating products who are a threat to Humanity.

Vihata Guru(The Dispassion Teacher): a person at one point of his life cycle faces depression . Then the teacher who pulls him off from that situation embracing Dispassion into his soul and makes him feel that all in the world is fake , only you are true is a Vihata Guru. He Shows Dispassion in Society .The world is transitory and an abode of calamities”- Viewing thus the world which is an abode of miseries, this Guru shows the path leading to dispassion.

Karanakya Guru(the Disciplines Teacher):Guru who gives initiates disciple into work hood. He is the remover of the disease of this mundane world and sets up the path how to work and be punctual to his work .

Parama Guru(The Supreme Teacher): Dispeller of doubts, removes the fear of birth and death is considered to be the “Param Guru”. (The Supreme Guru) i.e. one who teaches and shows the path of Liberation .One gets such a Supreme Guru as a result of merits acquired in many births. Having attained such a Guru, the disciple never falls prey to bonds to world, he is liberated forever

Due to this high heritage value of Indian Teachers, the word “Guru” was added to the English Dictionary however not as a synonym to Teacher .However you could hardly find the names as Tech Guru, Business Guru , Career Guru etc. However any one teaches anything we need to be grateful to them through our life time, even it might be a small subject but it adds a knowledge to implement into your life

So in this teachers day , I bow to all the teachers who teacher me and made me a person with a little bit of learning.