How to fix Dell Laptop Power Problem?

Faulty or lose power jack of Dell laptop is the most common cause that encounters the laptop power problems. If you are experiencing the same kind of problem with your laptop, then it can be difficult for you to tackle the main reason about the issue. So, firstly you need to try to find out common reasons of power problems before contacting the Dell Customer Service. Here’re some common symptoms when you are facing power problems:

  • Dell laptop regularly powers off without any reason.
  • At the time when you connect your laptop charger into the wall outlet but there’re no signs of battery or L.E.D activity and it shows dead.
  • The Dell laptop is not functioning on the battery power and charger is not connecting when you plug it into the power outlet.
  • When you plug your charger into the laptop but there’s no sign for the charging.
  • When you jiggle the charger during connectivity with the battery flash lights and the DC power jack, you may find the Dell laptop to work when you clutch the charger at particular angle.

These are the common laptop issues you can experience with every brand of laptop. If you are having power related problems, then you can resolve them easily and efficiently by contacting the certified technicians who are ready to help you in all time. You just need to call on the Dell technical support phone number offered by, you will surely get the potential suggestion and you have no need to pay for replacing the laptop or battery.