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(1) We are $20TN in debt. We need to cut somewhere. Cutting foreign aid means not cutting domestic aid — which by the way nobody is proposing (at least in English in which “cut” means to spend less next year than you spent this year).

(2) Not paying for other people’s X is not “denying access to X.” It’s just not paying for it. Now, you might think that it would be a good idea to pay for it. And that’s fine. But if that’s your position, and you truly believe it and think that it is worth defending, then don’t misrepresent it. And misrepresenting it is what you do when you write “deny access” — in English, that means to make something illegal. Trump has done no such thing.

(3) Despite my personal concern about (1), most Republicans are concerned about abortion. Why can’t ANY of these agencies simply provide the other services without providing abortion? It’s almost like they’re taking human shields — providing abortion and those other services just to prove a point. Now, I’m pro-choice — but of course as a libertarian, I’m pro-choice for everyone, not just for pregnant women. Nobody is denying anyone choice here — some people are exercising THEIR choice not to pay for other people to have procedures of which they disapprove. And directly funding only the other services does not get around this. I’m also an accountant, and there’s an overhead component to every charge — paying for one service from a place that offers another service does enable that other service to continue to be paid, because your payment helps keep the lights on, helps pay the administrative staff, etc…

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