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Also — “draconian.” Enough with the hyperbole! Spending will go UP faster than the combined rate of CPI and population growth.

And the tax cuts…. 20% of the taxpayers pay over 80% of the income taxes. Not making that 90%, and growing spending in real per capita terms but not quite as fast as Obama had promised, isn’t “balancing the budget on the backs of the poor.”

I don’t know how anyone can hear “The Trump administration released its proposed $4.1 TRILLION budget” and think “OMG that’s way too small!!!”

What that means is that there is no capacity on the Left for any level of reason — they know one word: “more.” There is no compromise. It’s always “more.”

It’s not about helping people. There is never any discussion of doing more with less — because we cannot even rationally discuss doing more with… more, just not infinitely more.

But yet somehow, the problems all continue to worsen, no matter how much money is thrown at the problems!

The needy are the human shields of the greedy left. Statism exists for its own sake, and the supposed beneficiaries are merely pawns, excuses to grow the size, scale, scope and power of the State.

The Left buy votes today at the expense of massive debt that they leave for future generations. It’s like the Monorail from the Simpsons. Look at the other towns that bought the monorail! Venezuela. Greece. Argentina. Puerto Rico. Broken societies, collapsed economies all. Socialism’s approach to equality and poverty is to leave EVERYONE EQUALLY POOR.

Trump’s budget means that ends.

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