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And the Greeks are protesting “austerity.”

Hatch nailed this one.

Mulvaney did too.

We cannot keep the pyramid schemes going.

Prior administrations made unsustainable promises.

The problem is not a lack of tax revenue or a not-steep-enough graduated tax system. Federal revenue has doubled in real per capita terms since the 1960s, but federal spending has tripled. 20% of the taxpayers pay over 80% of income taxes. Another 20% pay NEGATIVE income taxes. One out of five paying four fifths of the tax, with a fifth getting a kickback — that’s already graduation to the extreme.

If federal spending can just grow in line with population and CPI, then revenue will catch up within the decade, probably earlier, and without a cut, we can balance the budget, start paying down the $20TN in debt, and not leave future generations with the fate now suffered by Venezuelans, Greeks, Puerto Ricans, and recently suffered by Argentines.

You’re worried about SNAP scale-backs — about $925/month caps on SNAP for large families — the AVERAGE Venezuelan lost 19 lbs last year! Almost NOBODY in the ENTIRE COUNTRY has food security — because unsustainable vote-buying was financed with a mortgage on the future, and the future arrived.

Trump is not even proposing to slow the rate of total federal spending to the combined rate of CPI and population growth (which would be about 2.5%).

He is just proposing a rate of growth higher than that but not as high as Obama had promised.

That’s not a cut.

And since it’s not a cut it cannot be a Draconian cut, an extreme cut, a cruel cut, etc…

The Left and the special interests are just very good at using the needy as human shields. The money doesn’t get sucked out of my paycheck and wired into some unemployed guy’s bank account. It does to the government. The government then does its thing, hires some bureaucrats, moves it around, and then spends some of it on, or gives some of it to, some unemployed guy, some homeless guy, some sick guy — but our problems don’t get any better.

This kind of demagoguery, this kind of shameless defense of vote-buying at the expense of future generations, is what’s wrong and corrupt about DC.

Pushing back against it, and making not cuts but rationally-sized increases to spending, are needed to make sure we don’t become the next Venezuela.

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