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As well they should. Any compensation you receive comes at the expense of other compensation. The firm is buying something — just as you are after 5PM when you go to the store and choose to buy or not to buy, and how much to pay, for the firm’s, and other firms’, products.

If you make $150K per year, you’re also getting maybe $50K in benefits. It’s likely that you’d rather make $150K plus $50K in mostly tax-free benefits than make $200K.

If you make $20K, they can’t pay you negative $30K. And even if they had to pay $5K in benefits, you probably don’t want to make $15K.

It’s great that you guys have the heart to care about issues but you need the brain to solve them rather than make them worse.

I’ve never seen anything quite like progressives. They claim to be caring intellectuals who want to leave the world a better place, but then everything they touch, they turn into Venezuela. If they do care as much as they say, they’re anything but intellectual.

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