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At once you decry a color blind theory of the law and then accuse others of racism.

Requiring an ID is not “voter suppression.”

The same ID is required to open a bank account. Is that banking suppression?

The same ID is required to start a new job. Is that employment suppression?

The same ID is required to board a commercial airline or AMTRAK train. Is that transportation suppression?

The same ID is required to fill a prescription. Is that medical suppression?

The same ID is required — though the requirement is often waived at the discretion of the seller — to purchase alcohol or tobacco. Is that alcohol suppression? Tobacco suppression?

The same or higher level of ID is required to cross any international border. Is that migration suppression?

Such laws have been in place for decades and received overwhelming bipartisan support.

The same ID is required to buy a gun in a gun shop. Is that suppression of Second Amendment rights? I’m guessing you don’t think so — that would put you in agreement with the NRA. That’s a requirement that has received primarily Democrat support.

What is racist is the idea that the type of person who would not have ID — someone who did not have a bank account, had not held a job in decades, had not traveled, had not left the country, did not purchase prescription medicine, probably did not purchase alcohol or tobacco, and did not fly or take a train — is more likely to be Black or Latino. Honestly that sounds more like an Amish housewife than a Black or Latino person. I do not believe that Blacks or Latinos are somehow checked out of society, living off the grid, or dysfunctional — and I certainly would never suggest that someone who had not held a job in decades is more likely to be Black than White. THAT is racist.

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